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Acoustical Science and Technology

 Guide for Contributors

The Acoustical Science and Technology is accepting articles from researchers, not limited to members of the Acoustical Society of Japan, concerning all aspects of acoustics. The contributed article is one of the following categories:
These should be based on original research or report findings regarding basic or applied problems which are considered to make a significant contribution to any field of acoustics or acoustic engineering.
Useful reports on test, technical data, and education.
Recent research results for rapid review and early publication. The same results may be included in a new manuscript submitted later to this journal as an original PAPER.
Overviews and surveys about a specific research field or a technology of acoustics.
Brief reports on scientific research and education as well as discussion or comment on papers that have been published previously in this journal.
Translated manuscript published in the Journal of Acoustical Society of Japan in Japanese. This publication must be approved by the editorial board of the Acoustical Science and Technology beforehand. Manuscript should be a complete translation of the original Japanese version. Note that this TRANSLATED PAPER is not recognized as an original peer reviewed paper.
Submitted PAPERS will be reviewed by at least two reviewers, while TECHNICAL REPORTS, ACOUSTICAL LETTERS and SHORT NOTES will be reviewed at least one reviewer.

Web submission system for papers

Call for Papers
Special issue on architectural & environmental acoustics simulations (AST Vol.38,No.6)
Special issue on Speech Communication (AST Vol.39,No.2)
Special issue on Spatial Hearing (AST Vol.39,No.4)