The Acoustical Society of Japan


"Acoustical Science and Technology (AST)" has become available ONLINE

The Acoustical Society of Japan has been publishing its official English journal since 1980, and from the beginning of this century it has been an electronic online journal with the new title "Acoustical Science and Technology." The journal is now available online through JSTAGE (http://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/ast/-char/en/). The Acoustical Society of Japan hopes that easiness of the availability of AST will enhance the exchange of knowledge on acoustics worldwide. You are very welcome to contribution to "Acoustical Science and Technology."

Agreement Between ASJ and ISCA

ASJ (Acoustical Society of Japan) and ISCA (International Speech Communication Association) have agreed to offer membership discounts to members of each other's organizations in the following way: A member of ASJ or ISCA can apply for a 25% discount rate when he or she becomes a member of the other society. (In order for a member of ISCA to become a member of ASJ, he or she must reside outside of Japan.) To qualify for a discounted membership in ASJ, the membership fee must be paid by Master Card or Visa Card.